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Nexya S4 Cassette Inverter Commercial

The Cassette internal units in the range of Commercial fixed air conditioners are designed to cool and heat large spaces with maximum efficiency. Decorative panel and compact design with digital display and remote control ensure maximum ease of use.

Available in two models: 1. Cassette Compact, with reduced dimensions of only 600x600mm; 2. Cassette, with a height of only 205mm.


Two Models Cassette Compact (600 x 600 mm) and Cassette (slim height from 205mm)
With digital display and slots for expelling air also at the corners
With remote control included, for quick and easy setting of all the functions


Energy efficiency class in cooling: A++
Energy efficiency class in heating - intermediate season: A+
Energy efficiency class in heating - warmer season: A++ / A+++

Sound Pressure (min): 56 dB(A)

Refrigerant gas type: R410A
Models available: 18 / 24
Nominal cooling capacity: 5,3 / 5,3 kW
Nominal heating capacity: 5,6 / 5,6 kW

Refrigerant gas type: R32
Models available: 18 (Compact) / 24 / 36 / 48
Nominal cooling capacity: 5,28 / 7,03 / 10,55 / 14,07 kW
Nominal heating capacity: 5,42  / 7,62 / 11,14 / 16,12 kW

Remote control (included)
Decorative Panel
Vent for introduction of fresh air
Condensate Lift Pump