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Unico Tower Inverter 12 HP

The fixed air conditioner without outdoor unit has a compact up-right design for installation even in confined spaces. Unico Tower was designed for use in any residential or small commercial environment and in all seasons of the year. Cooling, dehumidifying, and heating modes can be easily set with the backlit touch display, the remote control and smartphone application (optional)



With its essential design and total flat aesthetics, Unico Tower blends perfectly into any domestic environment
Vertical engineering solution, 470mm wide and 185mm thick, ideal for installing in confined spaces
Function that conducts or coordinates the inverter compressor for maximum acoustic comfort


Cooling power min/max: 1,45 - 2,95 kW
Heating power min/max: 1,45 - 3,10 kW
Nominal cooling capacity: 2,45 kW*
Nominal heating capacity: 2,55 kW*
Energy efficiency class in cooling: A*
Energy efficiency class in heating: A*
Large flap for homogeneous air diffusion in the room
Backlight display with on-board touch controls
Multifunctional remote control with LCD standard display
Functions: Economy, Fan only, dehumidification only mode, Auto, Sleep and Silent mode.
Internal sound pressure (Min Max): dB(A) 27-40**
Dimensions: 47 x 139 x 18,5 cm

Refrigerant gas: R410A***
Diameter wall holes: mm 162
Wireless wall control (Optional)
Floor Installation
24 hour Timer

* Test conditions: data refers to regulation EN14511
** Data test declaration in semianechoic room at a distance of 2m, minimum sound pressure with ventilation only.

*** Hermetically sealed equipment containing fluorinated gas with GWP equivalent 2088


Olimpia Splendid Unico gives you programming, setting and control of your Unico.