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Controlled Mechanical Ventilation System Sitali

Clean air with maximum energy saving and in silence

System complete with residential, decentralised, Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV), which provides an effective solution for keeping the quality level of the air and the indoor comfort constant.

Ideal for the prevention of moulds and bad odours; it guarantees a significant reduction of humidity and the highest energy savings, all benefiting the health of the occupants of the individual housing units and the well-being and energy efficiency of the entire building.


The Sitali system is made up from two Controlled Mechanical Ventilation units: i.e. two models with different technical and operating features which, depending on the status of the building, can operate individually or in synergy, allowing excellent management of indoor ventilation along with energy savings and maximum operating silence.

1. Sitali SFE100

Decentralised continuous single flow CMV unit, which operates in extraction mode only. It activates suitable ventilation in closed environments and environments without windows, in this way preventing the formation of condensate and moulds which, in the long-term, damage the structure and compromise the health of the occupants.

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2. Sitali SF150

Decentralised, alternating single flow CMV unit with heat recovery that extracts the indoor air and introduces outdoor air.

The outlet air transfers the heat to the ceramic fill present in the heat exchanger. This heat transfer means the inlet air is introduced clean and at the same indoor temperature, thus preventing temperature changes that jeopardise comfort and meaning that use of the heating system is not required to compensate.

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Dual cross-flow, de-centralised Controlled Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery for automatic exchange and purification of the air. Thanks to its integrated filtering and purification system, Sitali DF 100 Pure makes your home healthier by eliminating molds, humidity, pollens and particulates such as PM10 and PM2.5.

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