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Aquaria 22

Powerful dehumidifier in 22l/24h with LCD electronics and triple air filtration system: comfort and healthiness of the air are guaranteed.

Designed by King & Miranda


Aquaria 22 dehumidifies and purifies in a special combined operation. It holds three different filtering systems that can be used together or separately considering the need. It is equipped with an LCD display that visualize the humidity level as well as the temperature level.The transparent water tank is particularly big (3,5 liters), but it can be used also in continuos drainage of the condense with the special kit included in the packaging


Dehumidification capacity: 22 l / 24 h*
Tank capacity: 3,5 l
Digital control
LCD Display
Full tank alarm
Continuous operation with hose
Electronic defrosting device 
Concealed tank with push-pull panel
Water tank with handle to easy transport and discharge
Visible water level
Retractable handle
Cable winder

Max ehumidifiable volume : 120/140 m³

* 32° C – 80 %RH


A triple filtering system that combines :
a carbon-active filter (which eliminates bad odours and inactivates any harmful gases)
HEPA filter (traps particles that are a few micron in diameter)
photocatalytic filter (which sterilizes the air by eliminating  a high pecentage of bacteria and viruses)

Electronic multifuncion psnel which can be used 
to set the desired humidity level. Aquaria also has a backlighted 
crystal display which can be used to diaply room temp 
and humidity level.