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Discover the range

Every Olimpia Splendid dehumidifier uses ecological gas R407 or R410A.
Humidity in the air is condensed through a refrigerating cycle. The humid air of the room where the unit is installed is ventilated through a cold coil and condensed.

The condensate in collected in a tank, which in Olimpia Splendid in products is always a clear blow moulded container.  When the tank is full, an electronic control stops machine operation and illuminates the “full tank” led light.
In the Olimpia Splendid range of models  a “continuous removal” function can be switched on; in this case the tank is removed and the plastic pipe included in the package is directed into a drain.
Dehumidifiers are important not only because they maintain a healthy level of humidity in the air, but also because they can be equipped with filters for air purification.

Olimpia Splendid’s range of dehumidifiers includes solutions with triple filtering and is divided into:

  • Home dehumidifiers: suitable for the home and office
  • Professional dehumidifiers: suitable for large industrial premises