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Electric heaters

Electric heating appliances heat the air by means of an electrically heated element.
There are different types of products that vary in the method used for distributing air in the room:
Ceramic fan heate
The technological evolution of fan heaters with needle heaters features a special ceramic element whose inertia controls radiation according to room temperature. They reach very high temperatures and its top models can heat areas of up to 75 m3.  They are available in a classic model and a “tower” model, designed to heat large areas and to discretely blend into any decor. The tower models are particularly easy to use as they are equipped with a multi-function remote control that lets you enjoy warmth in total comfort.
Convector heaters
Convection heaters apply the same technology of fan heaters but instead of using a centrifugal fan to distribute the air, they use the convection effect of heat. The special design of Olimpia Splendid units makes it possible to amplify the convection effect thanks to the large grilles located in the upper part of the product. These extremely light, compact products are suitable for heating rooms with maximum rapidity and no noise.
The top models also feature a 24h timer and additional turbo heating fan that can be switched on when needed.

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Infrared heaters (halogen, quartz or carbon technology)
Infrared products feature the use of quartz, halogen and carbon lamps.  Carbon fibre is the most ecological of these technologies because it minimizes light dispersion in the heating process.
Infrared lamps are suitable for heating specific areas in a room, and they are completely noiseless as they are not equipped with a fan.

Oil-filled radiators
The metal elements in oil-filled radiators contain a heat-conducting liquid which, once heated by the special electric heaters, will maintain heat for a long time. Compared to convector heaters, this technology is more suitable for larger rooms where constant temperature is needed.
The special design of the metal elements and the side openings give uniform warmth distribution and guarantee extended heat maintenance. Olimpia Splendid’s CALDORAD range features the ECOgreen technological solution for self-adjustment of power absorption, based on room temperature, to constantly minimize consumption.
The CALDORAD DIGITAL model, produced in black,  is equipped with a large digital display that shows room temperature and makes it possible to easily adjust any function.