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Limpia Pure

LimpiaPure is an household humidifier, with roundish, linear and simple design; it has the transparent body/tank taht allow to see the water level. Thank to the water pre-heating function that increases its performance raising the humidity level of the 30% in the air. Display with touch lighted buttons when the humidifier is switchs on, while when it is switchs off the buttons are "hidden".



Thanks to this product has an highest performance, improving the quantity of the humidity in the air
Touch bright buttons that are hidden when the product is off; lighted when the product is on
You can forget to have it in complete safety, thanks to the alarm that warns you when the tank is empty


Cold and hot ultrasound technology
300 ml/h humidification capacity (cold steam), 400 ml/h (hot steam)
Tank capacity: 3,5 L
Touch controls

Humification + heating function
Area humidified: 40 m²