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NEXYA S4 E Inverter Multi

The series Nexya S4 E Inverter Multiis designed for air conditioning Multi tertiary sector and commercial. Installing a single outdoor unit to which are connected up to five terminals in the wall, each dedicated to the air conditioning of a single environment.


A++ in cooling, A+ in heating.
With the new refrigerant gas R32*
Cooling of more rooms


Four models: Dual 18 - Dual 21 - Trial 26 - Quadri 36 - Penta 42
Cooling capacity
mid: 4,9 kW -  5,38 kW - 8,05 kW - 10,62 kW - 12,41 kW
Heating capacity mid: 5,57 kW -  8,20 kW - 8,79 kW - 11,10 kW - 12,30 kW
Flexibility of combination and installation: cassette, duct, and split floorceiling
Energy efficiency in cooling: A+ (18HP/21HP/42HP) / A++ (26HP/36HP)
Energy efficiency in heating: A
Refrigerant gas: R32 (unless Nexya S4 Dual Inverter 18)
Multifunction remote control
Timer 24h

*not hermetically sealed equipment containing fluorinated gas


Olimpia Splendid Split gives you programming, setting and control of the wall units 9/12 of Nexya S4 E Inverter Multi