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Unico Boiler

The no outdoor unit system that airconditions and produces Domestic Hot Water.

The patented solution that simultaneously manages the airconditioning and the DHW production, without outdoor unit! The outdoor unit? Removed! Only two holes can be seen on the external surface. In the room two units are refrigerant-circuit linked: the UNICO unit for the airconditioning and the high efficiency boiler for Domestic Hot Water production.


Air to water cycle for the free DHW production.
The heat, instead of being unloaded outside, is recovered and transfered to the boiler.
Unico Boiler can be installed from the inside in a few minutes.


Double class A
Refrigerant gas R410A*
Installation versatility: top or bottom wall installation;
Easy installation: Unico can be installed from the inside within
a few minutes
Multifunction remote control
24 hour Timer

BOILER MASTER - features
Cooling power: 2.6 kW
HP (heat pump) mode capacity: 2.5 kW
Installation versatility: top or bottom wall installation.
Easy installation: Unico Boiler can be installed from the inside in a few minutes
Large flap for a homogeneous diffusion of the air in the environment

BOILER WALL - features
Heating time: 1h49min (43 min with TURBO** mode)
Tank capacity: 50 L
Electrical power supply: 1,2 kW

* Not hermetically sealed equipment containing fluorinated gas with GWP equivalent 2088
** With electric resistance inserted


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