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Caldo Crystal

2000 W wall-hung fan heater, for effective diffusion of heat throughout the room. Quality of the indoor air is guaranteed by the ionizer, and thanks to the double safety system you can warm your room without any worries.


Anti-freeze, anti-overheating mode and IP 23 protection rating against vertical dripping up to 60° inclination.
The integrated ionizer neutralises polluting agents and allows healthier, cleaner air in the room.
Touch display, multi-function remote control and weekly timer for management to suit your needs.


Max heat output 2000 W
Ceramic heater
Flap swing can be remote controlled
8 h timer
Weekly timer with 3 daytime periods
Eco/boost/comfort/fan only function
Front touch panel
Multi-function remote control
IP23 protection rating against falling liquids up to 60 degrees from vertical
Anti-overheating device
Temperature indication
Anti-freeze device