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Dolcenotte® Double

Light and flexible as a linen, practica as a fitted linen, it heats the night to make it always sweet.
In Carbontexture┬«, a special fabric with carbon fiber woven into the fabric just as a normal thread. Antibacterial, anti-mite and hypoallergenic, Dolcenotte is 100% fireproof. Thanks to the Antishock System, it operates with only 12V of voltage, and it is safe even in the case of contact with liquids. It can be washed and ironed


Uniform warmth over the entire bed surface, all night long. 4 power levels and switch-off timer, programmable for 1, 2 or 9 hours. Thanks to the integrated safety system, program it and forget all about it!
A soft and practical sheet created in CARBONTEXTURE®, the special fabric with carbon fibre woven into the weft of the sheet like a normal thread. Antibacterial, anti-mite and non-allergenic.
Safe and does not burn! Suitable for adults and children for the maximum comfort. Thanks to the anti shock system it is also fire-proof in the case of contact with liquids, ensuring safety and energy saving.


Carbon fiber Technology
Operation at low voltage: 12 Volt
Soft Fabric in polyester fiber
Power: 2x55 W
Adjustable power
Programmable timer with 3 different durations
or for the entire night
Lightweight and flexible as a normal sheet
Machine washable at 40 ┬░C and can be ironed
Safe even in case of contact with liquids


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