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Bi2 SLR smart inverter

The total flat DC inverter fan radiator with Radiant Tube+ technology.

A single terminal that heats, air conditions, dehumidifies and filters.
The radiant panel operates as a low temperature radiator, while the special tangential fan ensures quick heating and a uniform temperature.

The brushless DC motor adapts the air flow rate to the ambient heat load, optimizing comfort with reduced consumption; typical of inverter technology.
Total power consumption is only 5W at minimum fan speed.


Year-round air conditioning is possible with Bi2 SLR smart inverter: heating, cooling, dehumidification, filtering.

The patented RADIANT+ technology combines low temperature radiation of the radiant panel with self-modulating ventilation, guaranteeing extremely uniform diffusion of the air and the temperature. In this way, it is able to take the environments quickly to the desired set-point and, once the set-point has been reached, maintain comfort with radiation like a normal radiator, thanks to the automatic algorithms of the electronics on board. Thus guaranteeing:
>> absolute silence
>> energy saving

Radiant+ technology, compared to other heating Systems, has a higher static
capacity thanks to:
- An average higher surface temperature that means greater radiation capacity
- Greater uniformity in surface warming and therefore a wider radiating surface
- Amplification of natural convection
- A reduction of water content for a faster system flow




Terminal with integrated heating panel
: thickness of just 12,9 cm
Range consists of 5 power models
DC brushless Motor
Smart sides
Total Flat Aesthetic with integrated vacuum system
: floor / wall
Available in colors: White



Air conditions

Compatible with on board and remote commands


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