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Air-water heat pump which provides the year round runs the annual climate. It does not burn any fossil fuel: capture the energy in the air and multiplies it. Every kW, produces more than 4 thermal energy: 75% of the energy is free, renewable and clean.


It consists of two modules: a condensing high efficiency DC inverter that ensures operation down to -15 °C outside and a hydronic module to be installed internally.

The engineering has made possible to include in the hydronic module the 3-way valve for domestic hot water production reducing the installation time. The reduced forms allow installation inside a kitchen cabinet.

The control contains the most advanced functions taking account of the climatic season, the load demand and adjusting accordingly the compressor frequency.


Provides DHW with temperatures up to 60°C

DHW Management: Sherpa can manage DHW with extreme flexibility through two management methods: water sensor inserted in the boiler or contact thermostat in the tank.

Climatic curves based on the outside air temperature: two curves are available, one for cooling and one for heating. The climatic curves allow you to change the system temperature according with external climate conditions, adjusting the heat input to the heat requirements of the building in order to obtain energy savings.

Two configurable set points in cooling, Three configurable set points in heating (one of which for DHW): the set points can also be selected by remote contact.

2-stage electric heater: configurable single or double stage which can be activated to support the heat pump, through verification, by electronic
control, of the actual thermal capacity of the heat pump. Each stage is activated in accordance with the real need for thermal power, in order to
optimize electrical consumption.

Daily programmer with night mode: night mode provides energy savings of up to 20%. Complete management
of antilegionella cycles.

Complete management of antilegionella cycles

Refrigerant gas R410A*

* Non hermetically sealed equipment containing fluorinated gas with GWP equivalent 2088




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