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The AQUADUE® patented technology thanks to the combination of an air-water cycle with inverter technology and a second stage water-water guarantees the cooling or the heating contemporary to the DHW production at high temperature, indipendently from the outside temperature.
Design by S. Ercoli and A. Garlandini


The AQUADUE® system based on a combined cycle system allows:

The two interconnected refrigerator cycles allow the decoupling of the heating/cooling from the DHW production, enabling them to operate in parallel, avoiding thus interruptions in the domestic comfort supply.

High temperature DHW storage allows a reduction of the boiler volume up to 30%, to heat bathroom heater radiators and avoids highly energyconsumpting anti-legionella cycles that are normally performed through the use of electrical resistances.


DHW (Domestic Hot Water) production at a high temperature, up to 75 °C in the integrated boiler.

DHW management: a group of water-water heat pumps integrated in the indoor unit provides domestic hot water at a high temperature  regardless of external weather conditions.

Continuous absolute availablity of DHW: guaranteed by the redundance of the double refrigerating circuit system.

Antilegionella cycles avoidable using the refrigeration cycle at high temperature.

2-stage electric heater: single or double strength activation to support the heat pump through a simple configuration of the electronic  control. Each stage is activated according to the actual need of thermal power in order to optimize power consumption.

Configurable points: two set points in cooling mode, three set points in heating mode (one of them for DHW): the set points are also selectable by remote contact.

Weekly programmer DHW, holidays and daily with night mode.

Climatic curves with outside air temperature sensor: two curves are available, one for cooling and one for heating. Climatic curves allow you to modify system water temperature supply depending on climate conditions, adapting the heat requirements of the building in order to obtain energy savings.

Refrigerant gas: R410A* for the reversible circuit dedicated to air-conditioning and R134a** for the high temperature circuit dedicated to DHW production.

150 l integrated high-efficiency boiler

Production of mixed DHW at 40° up to 3,6 days***

* non hermetically sealed equipment containing fluorinated gas with GWP equivalent 2088
** non hermetically sealed equipment containing fluorinated gas with GWP equivalent 1430
*** Qref 2,1 kWh/day for 150 lt boiler according to the EN16147, 2005 rule


75°C DHW (Domestic Hot Water)
Cooling + DHW at a high temperature with energy recovery
Heating + DHW at a high temperature


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