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Sherpa® SHW

The heat pump water heater range, available in 300 l and 200 l versions, can guarantee a high level of efficiency thanks to the use of renewable energy.


The Sherpa SHW range ensures:

- the constant production of domestic hot water at 65°C with air temperature between -10°C and +43°C.

- a high level of efficiency thanks to the use of renewable energy, produced by the integration with the photovoltaic system and management of solar energy.



Production of DHW in heat pumpe mode with air temperature from -10°C to 43°C.
Carbon steel tank with double layer vitrification.
Condenser wound externally on the boiler free from deposits and gas-water contamination.
Thick expanded polyurethane (PU) heat insulation with thickness of 45 mm..
Acoustically insulated plastic upper lid.
High and low pressure gas safety devices.
ON-OFF contact to start the unit form an external switch.
Weekly disinfecting cycle.
Possibility of managing the domestic hot water circulation or solar integration.
Electronic espansion valve for prompt control.

Electronic thermostat valve.



Contact for integration with photovoltaic plant, which forces switch-on and raises the machine set-point. The energy produced by the photovoltaic system is stored to lower the DHW production costs and maximise the energy saving.

SHW 300S is compatible with the solar thermal system: the unit can work with a second energy source such as solar panels.

The effective heat pump set is adjusted by a climatic curve, so that in the case of hot air withdrawn from the outside (over 25°C with water at 65°C, over 35°C with water at 55°C), high pressure alarms are prevented.
The electric heating element automatically integrates the temperature of the tank at the desired set whenever the effective set is adjusted by the climatic curve.

High efficiency compressor with R134a refrigerant.

Production of DHW in heat pump mode with air temperature up to -10°C.