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Caldorad digital

The special design of the metal elements of the radiator and the openings on the sides enable expanded, uniform distribution of the heat. Caldorad Radiator was designed to ensure the set temperature for a long time. The practical no-scratch wheels and the top handle make the unit easy to carry. The digital display can be used to read temperature setting, set 24h timer and operation modes.


The special engineering enable heat to be spread homogeneously and guarantee long heating maintenance times.
The Caldorad and Caldorad Digital Oil-filled radiators can heat rooms in complete silence.
Thanks to the integrated 24 hours daily timer, once programmed, you can forget about it!


2 different versions:
CaldoRad 7 Digital (max thermal output: 1500 W)
CaldoRad 9 Digital (max thermal output: 2000 W)

Digital controls
2 power settings (from 700 to 2000 W)
Display LCD
24h timer
Safety thermostat
Room thermostat
Anti turn over switch
Cable winder


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