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AquaSpa is a sleek, smartly designed humidifier for residential use; a complete, multi-functional, absolutely quiet unit that restores the right degree of humidity in the room. AquaSpa is also designed to produce hot steam, an effective solution to reduce the quantity of airborne bacteria and create an extremely relaxing atmosphere. A humidifier with exceptional qualities. A LED display lets you set and view the humidity value.


Cold ultrasound technology
400 ml/h humidification capacity
3 steam output speeds
Tank capacity:
7 L
12h timer
LED display
Auto function:
adjusts setting to guarantee optimal humidification level: 55% RH
Visible water level
Empty tank alarm
Area humidified:
50 m²



Aquaspa is equipped with a special device that activates the hot steam function, an effective solution to reduce the ampunt of airbone bacteria 

Multifunction electronic panel which can be used to set the 
desidered humidity level, activate the auto function, select steam 
emission power and set timer

The led in he water tank changes colour gradually creating an
intimate relaxing atmosphere


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