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In 2011 Olimpia Splendid launched the ECOGREEN project.


The environmental impact of our products and processes has become a key design concept that accompanies every phase of a product’s life cycle: from the phase of design, to selection of materials and disposal of materials at end of life.


During the design phase we select technologies and materials that ensure maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact during the disposal phase. For each product, from geothermal systems to bathroom fan heaters, we always include an ECO function mode to combine maximum energy saving with maximum comfort.


We test and apply innovative technology that allows us to utilize the sources of renewable energy present in the environment.  The inverter controlled electric motors installed on our units enable speed adjustments that bring savings of up to 30% compared to traditional technology. Our range of electric heat pumps make it possible to air condition buildings using the energy present in the air as a renewable source. They provide heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water with zero CO2 emissions using 75% renewable, clean, free energy.
Our range of geothermal heat pumps make it possible to use the heat absorbed by the ground or by underground water to air condition and heat buildings, using 80% renewable energy. Our studies on low temperature system terminals,  series Bi2+, enable consumption reduction up to 10%, whilst maintaining excellent comfort levels and high response capacity.


In collaboration with designers and architecture firms we focus on the  “aesthetic pollution” that is often caused by comfort appliances. We work with designers to blend our machine into the architecture, we work to make our units unobtrusive and minimize their aesthetic impact on exteriors. We strive to achieve sleek, clean designs. These efforts have given life to products such as UNICO®, which have saved our cities from the ugliness of hundreds of thousands of fan motors defacing  building fronts. They have also created Bi2® the first fan radiator with a design that blends in perfectly with interior architecture projects.



Olimpia Splendid is the first supporter and founding member of RIDOMUS waste disposal consortium. The consortium handles products at the end of their life cycle, recycling all usable materials and disposing of the rest, minimizing impact on the environment.