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MIA 2 11

A stove, endless options.

MIA® is a pellet stove of a great personality, customizable in an infinite variation of patterns and colors that allow you to personalize your fireplace according to the needs of each home style and tastes of all families.

Italian Design by Sara Ferrari


Firebox thermal power (min - max): 3,25 - 10 kW
Power (min - max): 3,07 - 9,2 kW
Average efficiency: 91,5%
Heating volume:
140 m² - 380 m³
Operating autonomy: 10,8 h*
Capacious tank: 15kg of pellet capacity, equal to 1
bag of pellets to guarantee a long operating time
Programmable electronic control system
Integrated display
, adjustable and user-friendly
Double door with magnetic closure
Internal door seal in "Glass fiber"
Multifunction remote control

* at average functioning and 15kg of pellet


MIA® is MY pellet stove
MIA® reinterprets the classic pellet stove and brings back the fire at the center of domestic life.
Thanks to its design inspired by contemporary home decor and to its extreme customization flexibility, MIA® is a real piece of furniture that fits perfectly in domestic spaces.
MIA® 11 is ideal for domestic ambient of 140
m². *

* Maximum recommended area

For each power of pellet stove, two different types of cover are available:  
MIA STILE: it is characterized by contemporary design, with elegant lines and versatile that blends in any environment perfeclty, from the most modern to the classic. 
MIA VERTICAL: MIA Vertical is characterized by a minimal design, with severe lines and a compact shape, in a real industrial style, to meet the most cosmopolitan tastes and minimalist environments.




The shapes of the range MIA®, both in the Stile and Vertical version, are enhanced by the brilliant hues of the range. MIA® reviews the classic colors of pellet stoves in a contemporary way. You can choose between the shades of the warm white, the more aggressive brick orange or the tech metallic silver.


MIA® can be accessorized with a variety of furnishing and accessories that make this pellet stove a warm and integral part of the life of the house.



Cabinet available in 40 x 40 cm or 40 x 80 cm. Each module can be placed either to the left or right on the stove, and accessorized with shelf and door. The door can be set with the opening to the left or right as needed.

40 x 40 cm single module with top opening for pellet storage. It was designed to match MIA®. It can be placed either on the left or right of the stove.

MIA® can be accessorized with a pratical handrail and a pellet shovel, used to easily load the stove.




Visit the website miaolimpiasplendid.com: access and customize MIA® with the configurator according to your tastes and needs.


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