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Alyas E Inverter Multi

The Alyas multisplit fixed air conditioners are the most efficient in the range: they cool and heat multiple rooms, guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency (A++ in cooling / A+++ in heating) and high power levels. With remote control and Olimpia Splendid Split smartphone application for remotely controlling the air conditioner!


To cool up to five rooms by using only one outside motor
Class A++ in cooling, A+/A++/A+++ in heating.
The Alyas air conditioners are pre-filled with environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant gas


Models available: Dual 14 - Dual 18 - Trial 21 - Trial 26 - Quadri 28 - Quadri 36 - Penta 42
Nominal cooling capacity:
4,1 kW -  5,27 kW - 6,15 kW - 7,91 kW - 8,2 kW - 10,55 kW - 12,31 kW
Nominal heating capacity:
6,59 kW -  5,57 kW - 6,59 kW - 8,20 kW - 8,79 kW - 10,84 kW - 12,31 kW

Energy efficiency class in cooling: A++
Energy efficiency class in heating - intermediate season: A / A+
Energy efficiency class in heating - warmer season: A++ / A+++

Refrigerant gas type: R32
Remote control (included)

Olimpia Splendid Split gives you programming, setting and control of the wall units 9/12 of Alyas E Inverter Multi