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Unico R

The heat pump without outdoor unit designed for the freezing latitudes.

Up to 2,7 kw of power + 2 kw of electric resistance in one single unit! The outdoor unit? Removed! Only two holes can be seen on the external surface.


+2 kW: suitable even for the coldest temperatures.
A multi filtering system that combines electrostatic with activated carbon filter
You can replace traditional heating in intermediate seasons


Two capacity versions: 2,3 kW - 2,7 kW
Available in versions: HP (Heat Pump)
Double class A
Refrigerant gas R410A *
Installation versatility: top or bottom wall
Easy installation: Unico can be installed from the inside in a few
Wireless wall control (Optional)
Multifunction remote control
24 hour Timer

* Hermetically sealed equipment containing fluorinated gas with GWP equivalent 2088

Olimpia Splendid Unico gives you programming, setting and control of your Unico


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