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The ARYAL range has a smooth and minimal design. The white led display is located underneath the front panel and visible thanks to its special transparent plastic. A high-efficiency inverter controlled motor reduces costs by up to 30% compared to traditional technology. The triple filtering system combines an electrostatic filter with an activated carbon filter, an important aid to eliminate smoke and smog particles in the air.


Four models of power: 2,6 kW - 3,5 kW - 5,3 kW - 7 kW
Energy efficiency in cooling: A++
Energy efficiency in heating (climate zone average): A+
Energy efficiency in heating (area warmer climate): A++ (inverter 10-12 model), A+++ (inverter 18-24 model)
Refrigerant gas R410A*
LED display screens in transparency
Multifunction remote control
Timer 24h

*non hermetically sealed equipment containing fluorinated gas


Ventilation only function
Dehumidification only function
Auto function: adjusts operation parameters based on ambient temperature
Sleep function: gradually increases set temperature in cooling mode for greater comfort during the night
Turbo function: activates maximum ventilation speed to reach the temperature setting as quickly as possible.



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