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Nexya S3 inverter commercial

The Nexya S3 inverter Commercial range was designed for recessed ceiling installations, typical in offices and commercial premises. The indoor terminal is designed to fit inside “ceiling squares”, making it easy to inspect for maintenance procedures. A classic outdoor unit is installed and connected to an indoor recessed terminal in the ceiling.


The terminals of Nexya S3 Inverter commercial are available in:
- Duct
- Cassette
- Floorceiling

The DC inverter compressor ensures precise power adjustment depending on the thermal load of the environment and the number of environments that are climatizzando allowing savings of up to 30%.


Two models of power: 5.2 kW and 7 kW
Flexibility of combination and installation: cassettes
Energy efficiency in cooling: A ++
Energy efficiency in heating (season average): A
Energy efficiency in heating (hot season): A +++
Refrigerant gas R410A*
Multifunction remote control
Timer 24h

*non hermetically sealed equipment containing fluorinated gas


Ventilation only function
Dehumidification only function

Auto function: adjusts operation parameters based on ambient temperature 


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