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Air Purification

In many cases, there is more pollution inside the home than outside. The air we breathe in closed environments often has a concentration of pollution higher or equal to the air outdoors.


such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulates are able to penetrate into domestic environments through window and door frames, or are even transported by our own clothes or pets, which make microbial spread proliferate.
The factors that further increase pollution within the domestic walls are: the presence of chemical agents deriving from deodorants or detersives, moulds or spores or pollens that deposit in the home, viruses  and bacteria in the upholstery and curtains and which are even brought into the home by our children or pets.

The direct consequences of low or very poor air quality can be: the sensation of dryness of the respiratory tract, the occurrence of allergies, asthma or sneezing, difficulty swallowing, itchy eyes and mouth.


A valid aid against this type of discomfort consists in air purifiers with mechanical filters.
These products have different types of filters, which can be the anti-dust filter to the filter with active carbon (useful for crushing or reducing bad odours concentrated in closed rooms) , or the HEPA filter (made up from thin filtering sheets, which withhold spores and moulds, neutralizing their bacterial load). Operation is via a fan that creates an air inlet through the mechanical filters, which withhold the particulate and the polluting agents and release cleaner and purified air.
As well as the effectiveness of the mechanical filters, Olimpia Splendid purifiers make use of the action of an integrated ionizer inside the machine, which produces negative ions. Negative ions are particles that perform a highly relevant action regarding air quality, since the sensation of fresh and oxygenated air is given by the presence of the same in the room. The more negative ions are present in the home, the greater is the feeling of being in an open and airy place like a wood or open field. In fact, the ionizer has the natural capacity of recreating the beneficial activity of the sun, which regenerates and “disinfects” the air.

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In addition to this completely natural and therefore physical, non-chemical process, the AURA DI model by Olimpia Splendid also has a UV light bulb. UV light kills simple organisms such as bacteria but is not hazardous to man. UV radiation alters the structure of the molecular bonds in viruses, spores, fungi and bacteria.  The UV light oxidises toxins and makes them harmless because it disintegrates their DNA and makes them unable to reproduce. UV light is also a process that does not emit chemical agents into the air; therefore it is completely healthy and clean.