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Aroma Diffusers

Among the many senses of the human being, smell is increasingly underestimated or sacrificed with respect to the others. For example, it is preferable to have a home or office that is clean and tidy, rather than an environment with perfumed rooms and no bad smells.

However, recent scientific studies have revealed that so-called aromatherapy,  that is, therapy that helps to feel relief from stress, fatigue and discontent,  is fundamental in everyday life, since smell is the sensorial capacity most closely linked to immediate emotion, but especially to the mental connection of our memories, also and above all of those that we are no longer able to describe with words, because the memory is too far back in time. Just one odour molecule can bring back memories of happy times and moments of our childhood or youth.

Therefore, the use of fragrance diffusers is becoming increasingly widespread in indoor environments. Electric fragrance diffusers are, without a doubt, the products best suited for homogeneous and rapid emission. This type of product uses ultrasound technology: the drops of the essential oils selected, diluted in a small amount of water, are separated into tiny particles and then propagated into the room, which in only a few minutes will have a relaxing and pleasant perfume.

Olimpia Splendid offers a range of fragrance diffusers in three different variants. All ASTOMI models also have a plus that increases the value of the diffusers: chromotherapy, meaning a variable light that brings relaxation and rest thanks to its carousel of delicate and soft colours.

the smallest and ‘’smart’’ model in the range – it is a ‘’personal fragrance diffuser’’, handy to use because it can be connected via USB; it can therefore be transported into various spaces throughout the home and office, always in complete safety: automatic switch-off is ensured when the tank is empty.

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as well as the elegant design and chromotherapy function, it has a 200 ml tank, which allows the diffusion of atomized steam as well as the desired fragrance, thus also providing humidification.

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is unique in its category: along with the chromotherapy, timer and diffusion of essential oils, thanks to a large 400 ml tank,  it also has a speaker, which can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth in just a few simple steps, so you can enjoy your favourite must in total relaxation;  360° well-being.

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