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The design for Olimpia Splendid is not just aesthetic. It is a very broad perspective: the projects in Olimpia Splendid start from the very beginning as integration between engineering, form and aesthetics.
There are not separated stages in the product development, but an entire project in which the departments of R&D, Strategic marketing and designers cooperate.

Over the years our innovations have been the result of this way of working.


Bi2+ e Bi2 SMART

The inverter fan coil radiator and the total flat fan coil radiator, technological evolution and style of the Bi2®, winners respectively of the international IF PRODUCT DESIGN and the GOOD DESIGN for their aesthetics, functionality and technological innovation. Designed for air conditioning provide heating, cooling and dehumidification, realizing the HOME COMFORT throughout the year. The panel acts as a radiator at low temperature; the special tangential fan ensures rapid heat and temperature uniformity. Olimpia Splendid is proud of these technological gems now also recognized by the jury of IF PRODUCT DESIGN AWARDS 2013 and GOOD DESIGN 2014.





MIA® is the first pellet stove modular and customizable.

MIA® reinterprets the classic pellet stove, to bring the fire in the center of domestic life. Thanks to the design inspired at the contemporary furnishing and the extreme flexibility of customization of the stove, MIA® is a real piece of furniture that fits perfectly in every domestic spaces, reasons that have crowned it winner of the GOOD DESIGN AWARDS 2014.

For every power MIA® is available in two different types of cover: MIA® STILE and VERTICAL.
It is possible to choose the color between the white cream, orange brick or metallic silver. The hearth of MIA® is accessorized with a variety of furnishings and accessories that make a living and integral part of the life of the house.


Radical Twin is a ceramic fan heater from the double functionality, freestanding or hung on the wall as needed. It suits individual needs and the handy remote control allows remote activation, the attractive design and sophisticated is now also recognized by the jury of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2014.


The first multi-room air conditioner without outdoor unit. Born of another patent technology, an evolution of the family SOLE. Designed by KING & MIRANDA, the creators of all the models of the ten-year Unico®. Thanks to TWIN technology, we multiplied the advantages of UNICO®: no outdoor unit, installed in the total architectural integration, comfort and climate control BI-ENVIRONMENT. The MASTER unit is installed in the first environment, and thanks to a normal refrigerator connection, the unit TWIN-WALL is placed in the second environment. The TWIN-WALL unit does not include a motor, except for the one driving the tangential fan, making it extremely quiet.

UNICO® TWIN is the winner of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2013. Founded in Chicago in 1950, GOOD DESIGN is the oldest and internationally recognized competition for the design excellence.


The compact, sleek dehumidifier designed by Sebastiano Ercoli. Rounded lines and minimalistic style are the distinctive traits that won Aquaria® 10 an award at the international GOOD DESIGN AWARDS 2012.


Every single detail of UNICO®, the first air conditioner without an outdoor unit that was patented 10 years ago, was studied and designed in collaboration with King & Miranda architects. The first UNICO® model was created in 1998. The project aimed for a single unit that would respect the architecture of buildings, efficient and able to condition rooms in a different way. In 15 years of installation, Olimpia Splendid has protected the external appearance of over 1 million buildings.
UNICO® has become a worldwide success. Today it is sold in most countries around the world and it is recognized as the only product of its kind to guarantee COMFORT, EFFICIENCY and a high aesthetic level.



Created with the idea of making portable units truly portable. Olimpia Splendid miniaturized components and equipped the unit with castors;  King & Miranda shaped it, reinvented space,  fitted it with a leash, filled it with meaning. This gave life to the first portable unit that is truly portable: Issimo®, champion of portability. 



The first fan coil that air conditions, dehumidifies and heats like a radiator; created from one of our technological patents and shaped by Dario Tanfoglio, who drafted purely essential lines to create this 12.9 cm slim unit. A highly recognizable product, with an ultra-light, full aluminium frame. 


A range of electronic dehumidifiers, designed for comfort, reinvented by King & Miranda: unique, practical down to the last detail. Equipped with digital display built into the upper panel of the unit, to show room humidity and ensure maximum COMFORT, thanks also to the special triple filter that removes polluting particles from the air.


The fan heater that brings colour and warmth to the bathroom, designed together with designers Sebastiano Ercoli and Roberto Del Ponte. Modular shells, a project that simplifies components, reduces impact of mould costs, to offer MADE IN ITALY quality at the lowest market prices. 
Available in 4 modern shades, carefully selected to blend into any room, bringing comfortable heat and colour.