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Aura Di

Make the air in your home pure: the Aura Di purifier has 5 filtering stages (prefilter, HEPA, active carbon plus UV germicidal lamp and ionizer), which allows them to purify the room and withhold particles measuring up to 2.5 micron.
Its multi-function control panel also displays the quality of the air, so you can adjust the level of your well-being.


Effective filters divided into anti-dust filter, a HEPA filter that withholds 99% of the particulate and an active carbon filter to control odours
Thanks to the UV light and the ionizer, it eliminates bacteria, germs and viruses and replicates the pleasant sensation felt in the open air on a sunny day
As well as perceiving the air quality in the room, it self-adjusts ventilation speed depending on the quality of air detected and perceived


3 filtering stages: dust filter/HEPA filter/active carbon filter
Germicidal UV light
Filter pack removable from front panel
Particulate concentration digital indicator
Automatic fan speed operation according to the quality of air detected
Filter duration up to 2000 h
8h timer
Sleep/Turbo Function
3 air flow rate settings