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Bi2 Wall Inverter

The wall-installed, ultraslim, high-wall, reversible hydronic fan coil, and DC inverter, which heats, air-conditions, dehumidifies and filters.
From now with the innovative, integrated multiset control, for maximum comfort always at your fingertips.


Bi2 Wall is the first hydronic terminal that can be installed as a split or as a console, by simply rotating the display on installation
Integrated electronics, designed for touch use or to communicate with remote controls and home automation systems
Total flat aesthetics with tangential air intake system, measuring only 12.9 cm deep, Bi2 Wall has a large motorised flap.


It is available in two models:

1) The TR (Touch Remote) model envisions touch control on the machine and a remote control unit (supplied). Furthermore, via a selection of keys, remote control is possible with an Olimpia Splendid wall control unit or home automation, through the Modbus RS485 signal protocol.

2) The AR (Analogic Remote) model allows universal remoting to be configured for all wall-installed control units and home automation systems, through the 0-10V analogue or 4 speed digital signal protocol.


3 sizes available: 400 - 600 - 800
Back-lighted display
DC brushless motor
Fitted with large motorised flap
Total flat aesthetic with tangential ventilation system
Adjustable environment thermostat
Functioning mode selection (cooling, heating, ventilation only, automatic, dehumidification)
Ventilation program selection (min, med, max)
Remote control
Installation: consolle or high-wall




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