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Ci2 Wall

The high-wall hydronic fan coil unit with DC inverter motor cools, dehumidifies, heats and filters the air with a total cooling output of up to 3.81 kW and heating output of up to 4.30 kW. Installation and maintenance are simplified with the flexible hoses and three-way valves provided. The remote control, supplied as standard, allows setting all the functions and customising the direction of the air flow by adjusting the motorised flap.


The machine comes with a standard three-way valve for easy installation
Ensures perfect air distribution in the room, both in heating and cooling
If maintenance operations are required on the machine, simply open the removable front panel


Cools, Dehumidifies, Heats and Filters
High-wall installation
Three-way solenoid valve supplied
Available in two sizes: LGW 1200 DC / LGW 1400 DC
Total cooling capacity* : 2,7 kW / 3,81 kW
Heating capacity (50°C)** : 2,94 kW / 4,3 kW
With motorised flap
Installation facilitated via flexible connection
Remote control e wall fixing bracket
Plastic body
Easy maintenance through the removable front panel
Optional: B0856 - Wall-command with LCD display for fan speed control and temperature setting
Minimum Sound Pressure: 38 dB(A)

*Cooling mode in standard conditions: air temperature 27°C d.b. 19°C w.b., water inlet temperature 7°C, water outlet temperature 12°C
**Heating mode in conditions of use 1: air temperature 20°C d.b., 15 °C w.b. max, water inlet temperature 50°C, water flow rate equal to that of standard condition cooling