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Pratica/Pratica Turbo Thermo

PRATICA models are designed and produced in Italy, and guarantee high safety standards fully IMQ certified. The double safety system turns off the heater if it detects an excessive percentage of carbon dioxide. The solid painted steel body houses a 15 kg LPG cylinder with a control, located on the top, to select 3 power levels depending on the heat load of the room. Equipped with a tangential fan that guarantees turbo heating.


Max thermal output: 3100 W
3 power settings: (2000 - 2500 - 3100 W)
Fuel: LPG
Crossflow fan: Pratica Turbo Thermo has a
crossflow fan which allows faster and more
uniform heating
Enamelled steel body
Space for 15 kg cylinder
IMQ mark
Pressure regulator
Valve tap
Max room volume
: 80 m3


Guaranteed quality and safety.

Double safety system thanks to the atmosphere analyzer that:
- automatically turns off the heater if the carbon dioxide level in the air
reaches 1,5%;
- automatically cuts off the gas flow in case of accidental switch off of the heater

The IMQ mark is issued by the Italian Quality Mark Institute and guarantees conformity with the safety requirements of a product and of the materials it is made of.


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