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Nexya S4 E Duct Inverter Multi

The internal units of the Nexya S4 E Inverter Duct multisplit fixed air conditioners are designed to heat and cool multiple rooms, up to 5 rooms at the same time. It now comes with remote control on the wall and automatic setting of the air flow.

EasyZone Configurator


Ducted indoor unit with static pressure available up to 100 Pa
To automatically adapt the system depending on the ducts connected
The range is characterised by its slim dimensions (Height from 200 mm)


Energy efficiency class in cooling: A+ / A++
Energy efficiency class in heating - intermediate season: A / A+
Energy efficiency class in heating - warmer season: A / A+ / A++

Fan pressure adjustment field: 0-100 Pa
Sound Pressure (min): 59 dB(A)

Refrigerant gas type: R32
Models available: 9 / 12 / 18
Nominal cooling capacity: 2,64 / 3,55 / 5,27 kW
Nominal heating capacity: 2,93 / 3,81 / 5,57 kW

Wall-installed remote control (standard supply), with weekly timer which allows setting at daily intervals with different selections of the product operating parameter.
Reversible Air Intake
Vent for introduction of fresh air
Condensate Lift Pump